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Chevron Rando® HD 32, 46, and 68 Offer Excellent Protection

The demands on your equipment, time and bottom line multiply daily. Chevron Rando HD keeps your equipment operating longer, faster and harder allowing you to extend the time between required maintenance, and reduce or eliminate catastrophic (and expensive) equipment failures.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology. 

With Rando HD, you can take advantage of the most advanced additive and base oil technology available in the industry today.

Rando HD antiwear hydraulic oils are formulated with hydroprocessed Group II base stocks to produce a lubricant that provides you with:

  1. • Longer service life for both the lubricant and your equipment
  2. • Increased protection against rust and corrosion of critical hydraulic system components
  3. • Improved air release and foam control

For more information, please download the Rando® brochure here.


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