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Delo® Heavy Duty EP greases are multipurpose, high performance products specially formulated with Chevron ISOSYNTM base stocks for the off-road construction and mining industries.

This line of grease was specifically designed to lubricate and protect equipment that is subjected to the most demanding of conditions. The Moly line includes 3% and 5% versions that are engineered to meet the demands of OEM manufacturers that require molybdenum disulfide in the grease to meet required warranty specifications.


Delo Heavy Duty EP, Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP greases deliver value by offering:

  1. - Excellent corrosion and wear protection in severe off-highway heavy duty construction and mining applications
  2. - Excellent water resistance in both submerged and direct pressure spray situations
  3. - Excellent shock load protection through its unique formulation consisting of high viscosity base oils coupled with a customized high performance extreme pressure (EP) additive package
  4. - Wide service ranges including OEM applications where 3% and 5% molybdenum additions are required to meet warranty specifications

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